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Publishing Open Access is not necessarily upon payment. There are several ways to make an article available in open access.

CNR signed a read-only contract with this publisher.

For further information consult the page "CNR Contracts" on the "Pubblicare Open Access al CNR[Publishing Open Access at CNR] website.

AAAS Open Access

- Green OA

  • EmbargoAAAS does not foresee any embargo on the preprint and the postprint on "Science" journals, if deposited in an institutional archive. The postprint undergoes a 6 months embargo if deposited in a funder's archive. Science Advances is an exception, since it is a OA native journal. AAS partner journals do not allow self-archiving for both preprint and postprint.

- AAAS Science Hybrid and Gold Journals 

- Gold OA

- Data Policy  (cf. "Data and Code Deposition“)


AAAS news: an addendum to the Author License to Publish concerns copyright retain strategy adopted by Plan S. On a trial basis, AAAS allows authors financed by cOAlition S to apply a CC BY or a CC BY-ND license on their postprint. Starting from January 1st, 2021, this policy is applied on all publications of the Science family and financed by the cOAlition S organizations adhering to Plan S (cf. this link).

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