The Library accepts donations of books in good conditions as far as these are in line with its mission. The Staff reserve the right to select the materials according to their relevance and in order to integrate them with the informative resources already in the catalogue.

The Historical Bibliography of Italian Active Volcanoes (BIBV) is a Virtual Special Collection searchable through a specific catalogue and a dedicated portal.

BIBV is a database on the activity of the major Quaternary Volcanoes (Vesuvio, Etna, Campi Flegrei, Vulcano, Stromboli, Lipari, Pantelleria, etc.) realized by the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources (IGG) of CNR and populated with 3511 documents.

The first version of the database was realized in 1989 and various editions have followed. The latest one is the result of the cooperation between the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources (IGG) and the Library of the CNR Area in Pisa.

The contents of the database have been recovered and migrated from the previous library software management system to Libero, currently used by the Library.

The uniqueness of the original data has been kept. However, it has been rearranged with the creation of new indexes to facilitate users in the retrieval of the necessary information.

Books grouped in Donations and Special Collections are part of the collective catalogue of books and can be searched and consulted normally, even though they present a special visualization in the catalogue.

The Donations have been offered to the Library by retired scientists who had been working in some of the Institutes present in the CNR Area in Pisa.

The Special Collections are collections of volumes focusing on specific knowledge areas. In some cases the Collections have been designed by the Library Staff to facilitate their consultation by the users; in others, they have been donated by the CNR personnel.

Science and children

For the little ones…

...a dedicated "special collection" with educational books, classics and "pre-books" for pre-school children is available in the Library.

Click here for the list of the titles

Children may ask for borrowing and return the book once read or renew the loan if it has not been reserved by other children yet.

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