CNR Personnel of the Pisa Area

For the CNR personnel of the Pisa Area, the Library provides documents exclusively for personal use for study or research activities via document delivery.

Document delivery is a service for the delivery of the copies of documents possessed by the libraries, making them available freely, in compliance with the Italian law for copyright. The service does not include private and for-profit companies. 

Users may forward a request through the NILDE platform, operating for libraries at the national and international levels.

NILDE allows users to forward a request for Document Delivery after creating a personal account in the Login section of the Home Page

Users have two options: registration via NILDE or institutional access (IDEM-GARR).

We recommend following the first path and going through the following four steps:

  1. choose Username and Password;
  2. select the Library “CNR Biblioteca Area della Ricerca di Pisa”;
  3. fill in the form with personal information;
  4. a summary of the data.

The Library will enable the account, and the user may start using the platform and forward the requests. 

Once logged in, the user will access MyNILDE, through which users may:

  • modify personal data 
  • manage the bibliographic references
  • forward requests to the reference library
  • monitor the process status of the request

It is possible to request for:

  • journal articles
  • book chapters

Users must indicate the “Title of Journal/Book” and the “Title of the article/chapter” and (at least):

  • year of publication + first page
  • year of publication + author 
  • volume number + first page
  • volume number + author

Moreover, it is strongly advisable to indicate the journal’s ISSN or the book’s ISBN.

It is also possible to automatically derive the bibliographic references of the articles searched in databases such as PubMed, via the PMID of the article, and in those supporting the standard OpenURL, or using the plugin EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio).

The Library will process the request and send the document to the user. Please check the file and the Nilde User Manual for more information.

NILDE also provides a video tutorial for users’ registration (Library of the Bologna CNR Area).


The Library will provide documents to University libraries and public and private research bodies. The service is accessible based on mutual exchange agreements. Requests should contain all valuable data for document retrieval and must be forwarded via NILDE.

Only if necessary, users may email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) their requests to the Library. 

However, we highly recommend either to the users or the libraries using Nilde since this will allow better monitoring of the service.

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