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Open access

Publishing Open Access is not necessarily upon payment. There are several ways to make an article available in open access.

CNR signed a Read&Publish contract with this publisher.

All guidance on how to use the CNR-IEEE contract can be found on the "Pubblicare Open Access al CNR" [Publishing Open Access at CNR] website.

Read&Publish (R&P) contracts include:

  • reading access and downloads of all of the publisher's journals (Read fee)
  • publication of an agreed number of articles in Open Access (Publish fee)-as long as the corresponding author is a CNR author.

IEEE Open Access

- Green OA

  • Embargo - IEEE does not foresee any embargo on the preprint. It usually requires 24 months embargo on the postprint. However, it allows authors to adapt to the embargo period indicated by the funders. Therefore, in the case of an article published in an IEEE journal and funded by EU, it would be possible to deposit the open version of the post-print after 6 months from the publication date. 

- IEEE Hybrid Journals

- Gold OA


Note: Currently, the 2022 contract is up for renewal.

CNR-IEEE contract includes the APCs for 10 OA articles for CNR authors on Gold OA IEEE journals.


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