Open Peer-Review


…se cambia la scienza anche i modelli e i metodi della valutazione possono risultare obsoleti…
(La valutazione alternativa, Maria Cassella)

There are various international initiative sustaining the needs of new parameters for the assessment of science. The Open Science movement examines different peer-review options and alternative metrics to monitor the development of the scientific system and measure the scientific production using different criterions.    

Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Citizen Science refers to the active participation of citizens to data collection, scientific experiments, and problem solving. The involvement of the citizenship helps to highlight the most urgent social needs and priorities and focus the attention on concrete issues. 

Open Notebook

The main principle of the Open Notebook initiative is to promote a collective solution of the problems. There is no favorite knowledge dissemination strategy. The aim is to share information that are not usually disseminated, such as the results of failed or ambiguous experiments, and to make available documents usually kept stored (e.g. research notes and raw data).   

Open Education

Open Learning and Open Education introduce innovative, interactive, and collaborative teaching and learning practices. Openness and digital dimension has renovated the places and the methodologies in use, which become more and more flexible. Indeed, the available resources are constantly increasing, learning materials being extremely different and exploitable in very versatile ways.   

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