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Session 1: Academic Publishing Reform. What does the future hold?

  • The Case for Amending Copyright To Enable Sustainable Universal Open Access
  • Scholarly Publishing is broken. How do we fix it?
  • The impact of the Russia – Ukraine war on scientific open access publishing and early career researchers

Session 2: Ownership of scholarly infrastructure

  • Save the world with innovation? Open scholarship is the key!
  • The open academic infrastructure and the scientific journal in Venezuela
  • A case study: OpenCitations, an open science infrastructure seeking long-term sustainability
  • The Open Book Collective: An Infrastructure for Equity and Diversity
  • Towards sustainable open infrastructure: The case of CORE

Session 3: Diamond Open Access

  • Diamond OA in Europe: lessons learnt from the Diamas and Craft-OA projects
  • A distinctive scholarly publishing model: working together to accelerate diamond open access - an African focus
  • The Value and Challenges of Student-Run Journals: Lessons from a Student Editor
  • The Power of Community-Driven Publishing for Inclusive, Transparent, and Impactful Scholarly Communication
  • OA Without Tears: Platforms and Workflows for Actually Equitable Open Scholarly Communication

Session 4: Implementing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

  • UNESCO Open Science Recommendation: International Policy Framework for Open Science
  • How Open is Open? The African Perspectives
  • India's Roadmap Towards Implementing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science
  • Carrot & Stick: Policy as a driver for Open Science
  • How do we measure success for Open Science?

Session 5: Research Evaluation

  • Research assessment: what's the problem & how might we fix it?
  • Research assessment as a lever to improve scientific practices
  • Research Assessment at Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia

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