Access the Library

The Library premises are open to all users.

Users have to register filling in the access module and sign in the attendance register both incoming and outgoing.

Users are allowed to consult the available material after requesting the staff and returning it before leaving.

Only CNR users are allowed to photocopy the available material.

Users may access the Internet via four wired locations or using their own laptop after asking for access credentials to the Library staff and carefully reading the Internet Access Regulations.

Users are kindly requested to behave properly while in the Library premises. In particular, it is not allowed to:

  • eat or drink in the Library premises
  • speak loudly
  • write or draw on the tables. In such cases, users have to pay for the damage
  • use mobile phones
  • disturb other users
  • occupy free seats 
  • use the Internet for purposes different than bibliographic reference

Disciplinary measures

Users not complying with the Rules and Regulations may be forbidden from accessing the Library. In particular, users responsible of stealing or damaging materials will be also referred to the judicial authority.

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